Job Fair

Through P.I, we endeavor to arrange a platform to meet employers and potential job seekers. It is not just a platform but to help employees to get high potential candidates and to help job seekers to get the best suitable placement commensurate to their maximum potential.

The process as follows:

  • Registration
  • Evaluation
  • Telephonic Interview
  • Reports
  • Resume evaluation and modification
  • To prepare for the interview

The job fair at P.I, provides not only changes for meeting the employer but offers training on soft skills & development, sessions on career guidance, sessions with executives/ professionals/ entrepreneurs, etc.

Career Guidance Cell

Building a career according to one’s skills & capabilities is a big question still. The Career Guidance Cell at P.I, offers extra-ordinary services for building someone’s career by evaluating his/her potential and capabilities. Let everybody accomplish their dreams! This is the core idea backing up the Career Guidance Cell at P.I.

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre at P.I provides industrial and career updates, new courses, placement opportunities, etc.