About Us

Prospects Infinite offers potential candidates plenty of chances to meet employers from India and abroad. Also, we provide training like Resume writing, Facing Interviews, Body languages & the importance of attire, Confidence building, Life skill, etc. and we arrange sessions/talks with experienced professionals from different spheres.

What does P. I do?

The huge gap between the professional qualification and jobs is a million dollar question for years. We provide with solutions by giving exceptional services that mixed up with training, industrial knowledge & education and professional experience together.

P.I is a three-tier program name ACE designed by experts with a vision to make the candidature of a person more attractive.


We try to assess each student’s skills and capabilities, before we start. We do believe that everybody has his own specialties and skills.

2. Comprehend

Here we teach them to know and respect themselves.

3. Empower

By identifying their skills and specialties, next step is to empower them by giving more insights about their future.

Key Areas

* Body language & the importance of attire

* Confidence building

* Life skills

* Experience is the best teacher

* Management is everywhere!

* Entrepreneurship is only for enthusiasts!

* Meet with Professionals

* The art of Answering

* Facing Interviews

* Resume writing

* Be cool always! (No stress and I am punctual)

* Mock Interviews (5 levels)

* Interview Gaming